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Patrick Gass, the last survivor of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, was born June 12th, 1771, in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Soon after the family moved to Maryland, but shortly returned to Pennsylvania. When but a boy he entered the army, and when not on the march or scouting he was engaged in garrison duty in the forts on the Upper Ohio.

The United States, in 1709, in anticipation of a war with France, enlisted troops for the army. Patrick Gass enrolled himslef as a member of the 10th regiment, which spent the winer of 1799 in camp at Harpers Ferry. In 1702 he served under Captain Bissell on the Tennessee River, and the next year went to Kaskaskia, Illinois. Here he enlisted as member of the Lewis and Clark expedition, then fitting out to explore the Pacific Coast.

Gass kept a diary of events during the expedition, which was published at Pittsburg in 1807, and reprinted at Philadelphia in 1812. Aside from the official reports, we are indebted to Patrick Gass, for nearly all the knowledge we have concerning the Lewis and Clark expedition.

In 1812, Gass entered the army again and participated in the battles of Chippewa, Ludy's Lane and Fort Erie. In 1881, he married a lady in Brooke County, now in West Virginia. Gass continued to reside in present-day Wellsburg, WV until his death in 1870, then in his ninety-ninth year.

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