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Paw Paw, West Virginia

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A community in Morgan County in the state's eastern panhandle, Paw Paw, WV, was settled in 1800, but was not incorporated until 1891. It became the trading center for a large area following the arrival of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, and the opening of the Winchester (Virginia) road in 1853.

The town's name was derived from the paw paw, a wild fruit formerly abundant throughout this section of the state, and from Paw Paw Ridge, located about a quarter mile east of the town. On the north of the Potomac River, opposite the town, is the old Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. By the late-1920's, Paw Paw had a population of about 1,000 people, with four churches, a elementary and high school, and a tannery, and was the center of a large fruit-growing region.

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