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Pinnacle Rock

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Towering above the rugged mountains along US Route 52 northwest of Bluefield, WV, Pinnacle Rock is an unusual sandstone formation that projects from the west end of the Black Oak Mountain anticline.

Formed by the relatively resistant sandstones of the anticlinal fold, the rock has been preserved as part of the West Virginia State Park system as Pinnacle Rock State Park. Among West Virginia's smallest state parks, Pinnacle Rock features a short trail from its shelter and parking area to the observation area atop the monument. Two-mile Homestead Trail descends from the rock through upland forests to its seasonally-stocked lake.

The park was opened in 1938 when the Conservation Commission purchased a 26 acre tract of land surrounding the rock. Parking areas, walkway and a large picnic shelter with a stone fireplace were then constructed by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in conjunction with the State of West Virginia. Today there are nearly 400 acres, which include Jimmy Lewis Lake (seasonally stocked with trout) and located nearby within the park boundary.

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