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The county seat of Mason County, Point Pleasant, WV, was originally chartered in 1794. The city was named after Camp Point Pleasant, established there by General Andrew Lewis at the time of his battle with the Indians in 1774. Its name was in all likelihood bestowed because of the picturesque confluence there of the Ohio and Kanawha rivers.

Point Pleasant, WV
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Point Pleasant, WV

Point Pleasant, WV is located about: 17 miles south of Pomeroy, OH; 29 miles west of Ripley, WV; 44 miles north of Huntington, WV; and 50 miles southwest of Parkersburg, WV.

The townsite was the site of the bloodist battle ever fought between Native Americans and European settlers -- the Battle of Point Pleasant, fought Oct. 10, 1774. The battle was the chief conflict in Dunmore's War, a forerunner of the American Revolution. The town's centerpiece, a 84-foot granite obelisk overlooking the rivers at Tu-Endie-Wei State Park honors the Virginia militia who fought in the battle. Pierre Joseph de Celoron de Blainville, a French explorer, buried a leaden plate at Point Pleasant in 1749, claiming the land for his country. The plate was discovered in the park in the late 1900s.


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Tu-Endie-Wei State Park
Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge

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Long Point


180px-Point-Pleasant-WV-Map.gif Map of Point Pleasant, WV showing streets and highways, and nearby airports, parks, hospitals, buildings, churches, cemeteries, trails and more; with link to driving directions.

Topo map of Point Pleasant, WV, and vicinity.