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Price Hill, West Virginia

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Price Hill was developed as a company owned mining town during early 1900s by the Price Hill Fuel Company. The company operated another mine in the immediate vicinity called the Sherwood mine. Both mines were located near the Fayette/Raleigh county line. The Sherwood mine was in Fayette County, the Price Hill mine was in Raleigh County. Both were shaft mines.

The first shipments of coal from both mines occurred during May of 1906. During the early years of operation coal was hauled from the mine via Price Hill Branch of the White Oak Railway, which was actually a short siding, about 2-1/2 miles in length, that extended from the C&O tracks at Macdonad to the mines at Price Hill. The Price Hill Branch later became part of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway (C&O). After about 1910, the Kanawha, Glen Jean & Eastern Railway (KGJ&E) also hauled coal from the Price Hill mine that was routed to the Virginian Railway at Pax.

The Price Hill Fuel Company was chartered on Aug. 16, 1905. Original incorporators included Samual Dixon, J.W. Smiley, A.J. Callihan, Fred Dixon Jr., and G.E. Dixon.

The Price Hill began using diesel-powered generators, probably in the late 1920s, to produce electricity for use in its mines after experiencing problems with iron build-up in its coal-fired steam boilers. The mine's source of water was apparently very high in iron deposits. Even as of this writing (2012) the small, unnamed branch tributary to Dunloup Creek in the vicinity of the Price Hill mine runs very yellow/red in color.

Map of Price Hill and Vicinity

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1911 map showing the towns of Price Hill, Oswald, and Tamroy

Tipple and power house of the Price Hill mine, ca. 1920

Tipple and power house of the Sherwood mine, ca. 1920