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Princeton Conglomerate Sandstone

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Princeton boulders outcrop near Meadow Bridge, WV

In the southern New River Gorge region, the Princeton Conglomerate Sandstone, of the Pennsylvanian Mauch Chunk Series, forms cliffs along the lower canyon walls between Terry and Meadow Creek. The West Virginia Geological Survey (WVGS) reported in 1919 that the massive, conglomeratic sandstone formed cliffs more than 90-feet high and more than 800 feet above the bed of the creek.

"Passing down the river from this point, the conglomerate gradually becomes thinner until it practically disappears just above the axis of the Mann Mountain anticline," the WVGS reported.

"Just below the mouth of Glade Creek, it reappears in conglomeratic form and makes almost a continuous line of cliffs along both valley walls of New River to the lower end of the 'Stretcher Neck' bend of the latter stream, beyond which it practically disappears, its horizon dipping below the river near Stonecliff."

The sandstone also forms the valley floor of Meadow Creek for roughly a mile northeast of Meadow Bridge, WV, and forms cliffs along the headwaters of the Cheat, Cherry, Williams, and Cranberry rivers in Webster County, Greenbrier County, Nicholas County, and Pocahontas County.