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Ravenswood, West Virginia

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A community in Jackson County, Ravenswood, WV, was first settled in 1808, was originally chartered in 1852. Ravenswood was named after Allan, Lord of Ravenswood, in Sir Walter Scott's "The Bride of Lammermoor." By the late-1920's, Ravenswood had population of 1,000, with two banks, two building and loan associations, one porcelain plant, one wholesale grocery, a wholesale drug company, one weekly newspaper, a school system, and seven churches, with three miles of city-maintained paved streets, and a municpal light and water works.

Weather: Ravenswood, WV

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Attractions: Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge

Elevation: 620 feet
Population: 4,031 (2000 Census)
Longitude: -81.7611
Latitude: 38.9481

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