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Red Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

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Remaining hotel building at Red Sulphur Springs, WV
Marker along W.Va. 12 at Red Sulphur Springs, WV
Red Sulphur Springs is an unincorporated community in western Monroe County on Indian Creek. The community is best known as the site of the Red Sulphur Spring, an mineral spring, the waters of which were believed to possess healing properties. From 1800 until World War I, a resort located around the spring welcomed guests, many of who imbibed and bathed in its "healing" waters. Now a private residence, a hotel building overlooking the site is all that remains of the resort complex. W.Va. Route 12 courses through the community between Peterstown, WV, to the south, and Hinton, WV, to the north.

Map: Red Sulphur Springs, WV