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Reedy, West Virginia

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Knob in pasture along Reedy Creek
Barn off US-33 south of Reedy

In northern Roane County, Reedy, WV, was incorporated in 1894. The town was named for Reedy Creek, so-named by William Beauchamp, the area's first settler, for the many reeds that grew on the stream at that time. Formerly known as Three-Forks-of-Reedy, the village name changed to Reedy in 1853. Roughly 15 air miles northwest of Spencer, WV, Reedy and the surrounding area is largely agricultural, though its pleasant scenery has attracted residential development. W.Va. Route 14 and Roane County Route 1 meet at Reedy.

Weather: Reedy, WV

Lodging: Reedy, WV, hotels

Elevation: 678 feet
Population: 198 (2000 Census)
Longitude: -81.425
Latitude: 38.8994

Schools: Roane County Schools
Libraries: Roane County Public Library

Map of Reedy, WV and vicinity

Variant Name(s) for Reedy, WV

Reedyville, Three Forks of Reedy