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Rhodell, West Virginia

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Church near Rhodell, WV
1925 map of Rhodell and vicinity

A community in Raleigh County on [Coal Creek], Rhodell, WV, was laid out in 1907, but not incorporated until 1937. Named for I. J. Rhodes, one of the founders. Formerly known as Rhodesdale. Rhodell is among the largest of towns remaining in the Winding Gulf Coal Field, which boomed in the mid-1900s but has since been largely abandoned. Smaller communities around Rhodell have been almost entirely re-absorbed by the West Virginia forest. The church at right is among many examples.

Rhodell suffered a disastrous fire in February of 1938, just one year after the town's incorporation, which destroyed four buildings in the town. Six months later, in August 1938, another fire destroyed three business buildings, two offices, and two or three homes. The fire started when film was accidently ignited at the Rhodell theater.

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Population: 234

Elevation: 1618 feet

Coal Mining

Coal mines in the Rhodell area moved coal to market via the Stone Coal Sub-Division, a branch line railroad jointly operated by the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway and the Virginian Railway.

Rhodell Coal Company, incorporated 1917

1920: Rhodell Coal Company, Rhodell No. 1 & 2. 1925: Rhodell C. Co, Nos. 1, 2, & 3; 70,039 tons.

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