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Richwood, West Virginia

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Richwood, WV

Community in Nicholas County, incorporated in 1901. So named because of (rich) abundance of timber and coal found in that region. The site where the city of Richwood now stans was originally known as Cherry Tree Bottoms, and in the early days was the home of the families of Spencer, Mullins, and Hinkle. It became known as Richwood when the post office of that name was moved there from Hinkley Mountain in about 1900. The population of the town at the time was 27. By the late-1920's, Richwood's population had grown to about 7,000, and had three banks, one newspaper, two theaters, two hospitals, five churches, and a high school and elementary school housed in one central building, and brick paved main streets. The town's chief industries were a large lumber mill, a paper mill, a broom-handle and chair-round factory, and the largest sole-leather tannery and the largest clothespin factory in the world.

Nancy Hart, a Confederate spy during the Civil War, lived in Richwood, WV, from 1906 to 1908, and is buried near the town.

Weather: Richwood, WV

Lodging: Richwood, WV Hotels

Elevation: 2240 feet
Population: 2,477 (2000 Census)
Longitude: -80.5333
Latitude: 38.2247

Schools: Nicholas County Schools

Libraries: Richwood Public Library

Government: City of Richwood

Topo Map of Richwood, WV and vicinty

Variant Names

Cherry Bottom, Cherry Tree Bottom, Cherry Tree Bottoms