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Robson Mound

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The Robson Mound is said to be located in Robson, WV, in western Fayette County, at the mouth of Robson Branch on Loop Creek. This stone-and-earth mound was said to measure 55 feet in diameter, according to the record of a visitor in the mid-1900s. Unfortunately, the mound was an early victim of treasure hunters, who reduced its height to only a few feet. The mound is located along lower Loop Creek a few miles downstream of the Beards Fork Petroglyphs and not far from the Ancient Works on Armstrong Mountain near Mount Carbon, WV. An early hunter in the region named "Morris" entered a description of the location of a "old fortification" on the hill in Robson, and the fort was listed as a landmark on a lad record entered in 1794. This entry has caused some to speculate that the mound was surrounded by stone walls and perhaps served as a "fort" at some point in time.

Topo map of Robson, WV, and vicinity