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Rosby's Rock

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File:Rosby\'s Rock.JPG
Rosby's Rock on the old B&O Railroad in Marshall County
In the village of Rosbys Rock, on Grave Creek, in Marshall County, the inscribed boulder known as Rosby's Rock, also known as Roseby's Rock and Rosbby's Rock, stands along the abandoned grade of the Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) Railroad. On Dec. 24, 1852, railroad workers completed the B&O here, establishing the first continuous railroad linking the Atlantic Ocean and Ohio River Valley.

The spelling and naming of the rock is the subject of dispute. According to many local residents, the 900-cubic-yard sandstone rock would correctly be named ROSEBY'S ROCK. Stonemasons, however, incorrectly chiseled ROSBBY'S ROCK, transposing the "e" with a "b," when commemorating the event. In 2002, village resident Dorothy Dakan Sedosky commissioned inmates from the Northern Regional Prison at Moundsville, WV, to paint the rock so that the "b" would appear as an "e". Someone else soon after painted the looped "b" in place again.

MAP: Rosby's Rock