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Scarbro, West Virginia

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1911 map showing Scarbro, Wingrove, Glen Jean, Redstar, Hilltop, Harvey, and Prudence
Fan house and power house at Scarbro mine, ca. 1915
Tipple of the Scarbro mine, ca. 1920

Scarbro is located along White Oak Creek in Fayette County. Scarbro developed as a coal mining town in the early 1900s by the White Oak Fuel Company. Scarbro was incorporated as a town in 1901, but has since become an unincorporated community. Scarbro's population in 1910 was 1,533. The Scarbro colliery began shipping coal during the year ending June 30, 1902. During 1905 an electric plant was installed at the Scarbro mining operation.


Photo showing a White Oak Railway passenger train arriving at the Scarbro depot, ca 1906. Under agreement with the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway (C&O), the White Oak Railway operated passenger trains over the C&O branch line between Glen Jean and Carlisle.


Map of Scarbro and Vicinity

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