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Shenandoah Mountain

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Shenandoah Mountain forms part of the common border between Virginia and Hardy County and Pendleton County. The mountain takes its name from the Shenandoah River. Sources variously claim Shenandoah means "Daughter of the Moon," "Daughter of the Stars," "Great Meadow," "Big Flat Place," or "river through the spruces." Much of Shenandoah Mountain in West Virginia is protected by the George Washington National Forest in Pendleton County.

Important summits along the crest of Shenandoah Mountain, from southwest to northeast, include Dyers Knob (4,120 ft.), Reddish Knob (4,397 ft.), Bother Knob (4,344 ft.), High Knob (4,090 ft.), Cow Knob (4,036 ft.), and Pine Knob (4720 ft.).

The west flank of the mountain in West Virginia is drained by the South Fork of the South Branch of the Potomac River. The east flank in Virginia is drained by the Shenandoah River and its tributaries.

Topo Map showing summit on Shenandoah Mountain