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The Village at Snowshoe Mountain, WV
The Village at Snowshoe is the obvious center of activity on Snowshoe Mountain -- a popular ski-resort community in northern Pocahontas County. Six of Snowshoe Mountain's largest lodges are located in the village, as are the majority of its shops and restaurants. Split Rock Pools, an indoor water center, is also located in the village.

The towers and cupolas that cap the village's lodges can be seen from miles away, as the complex caps the summit of Snowshoe Mountain, nearly a mile high in the Allegheny Mountains. During ski season it is perhaps at its most beautiful, ornamented by icicles and drifts of pristine snow. From its trails, overlooks, and outward-facing lodge rooms, guests are treated to a spectacular view of endless miles of mountain forests.

Once you arrive at The Village, getting around is easy. Many of the village lodges surround a square. Shops and restaurants are located in first-floor storefronts surrounding the square, while lodge condos are located in the stories above. Concierge services are available at the lodges, and continuous shuttles run guests between the village to other parts of the resort -- namely its Silver Creek and Western Territory ski areas. Three ski lifts originate on the summit around the village, providing access to five beginner ski slopes, six intermediate slopes, three advanced slopes. The Spruce Glades Terrain Park also heads-up near the village and offers more rails than any terrain park in the region; its Terrain Garden is designed for families and beginners.

Lodges and other facilities in The Village include Seneca Lodge, Rimfire Lodge, Expedition Station, Highland House, Allegheny Springs, Mountain Lodge, Split Rock Pools, Shaver's Center, and Brigham Center. Saint Bernard's Chapel provides for Roman Catholic and interdenominational services.

Real estate on Snowshoe Mountain is highly prized, and new lodges are frequently being added in the village area.

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