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Sophia, West Virginia

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1929 map of Sophia and vicinity
Main Street, Sophia, WV, 2011

A community in south-central Raleigh County, Sophia was incorporated in 1912 and named for Sophia McGinnis, whose residence was located between the two nearby railroad tunnels. Through the early and mid-1900s, the city was the commercial center of the northern region of the Winding Gulf Coal Field. It was known as an "air-conditioned" city, famous for large trees which shaded its Main Street, but which have since been destroyed by tree topping and removed.

Today Sophia is largely a residential community, though civic leaders are attempting to revitalize its commercial section along Main Street by creating a national historic district. Sophia is located at the southern terminous of the W.Va. 16 (WV-16) expressway leading southwest from Beckley, WV. The expressway is being extended into southwestern West Virginia, improving regional access to the town. Sophia is also located near the northeastern sections of the Hatfields & McCoys Trail Network, and hopes to cull from its busy recreational vehicle traffic.

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Lodging: Sophia, WV Hotels

Schools: Raleigh County Schools

Libraries: Raleigh County Library -- Sophia Public Library

Historic Sites: Sophia Historic Landmarks

Elevation: 2360 feet

Population: 1,301 (2000 Census)

Longitude: -81.2508

Latitude: 37.7075

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