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South Caperton, West Virginia

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1913 USGS map showing South Caperton
1905 map showing South Caperton mine

South Caperton was located on the opposite side of New River from Caperton. The first mine opened on the south side of the river was located here, the coal transported across the river by a bucket and cable system to loading facilities at Caperton.

A 1911 Fayette County Publication listed the Southside Co. as operating the South Side mine, with a post office at Caperton, W.Va. The mine worked the Sewell coal seam. A 1921 list of mines in West Virginia cited the South Side Coal Co. as operator of the South Side mine, listing the company's address as Caperton.

In 1923, the South Side Company was listed as operating the South Side mine, a drift opening in the Sewell coal seam with thickness of 3 ft. 8 in. That year, the company employed 68 workers who worked 195 days. The company used both pick and machine mining, and used 2 mining machines, 5 locomotives and 4 mules to extract and move the coal. C. R. Wilson was superintendent with G. D. McDaniel the mine foreman. In 1923, the company's address was shown as Mincar.