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South Park Historic District

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In Morgantown, WV, the South Park Historic District helps preserve the city's most affluent neighborhood of the early 1900s. South Park was established as a residential development in a wooded area in Monongalia County across the Decker's Creek Gorge from the city's downtown commercial and industrial districts. It was intended to provide its residents relief from urbanization. Air-born illness was a concern during South Park's early years, and many of its homes were designed with plenty of windows, porches, and balconies to provide for good air circulation and plenty of natural light. Many include sleeping porches -- screened porches, typically enclosed by lattice, that functioned as open-air bedrooms. Its dominant architectural styles includes Tudor Revival, Late Victorian, and American Craftsman.

Park Street and Grand Avenue were the two central thoroughfares through the park. Many of the most affluent families in the Morgantown area have lived, or remain, in South Park. Many South Park homes were divided into apartments to house West Virginia University students in the late 20th century, but have since been converted again into single-family dwellings.

Topo Map of South Park Historic District