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1908 map showing the mining towns of Stuart (Lochgelly) and Parral (Summerlee)
Tipple and power house at Stuart, ca. 1907

Lochgelly, formerly known as Stuart, was developed as a company owned mining town in the early 1900s by the Stuart Colliery Company. The town of Stuart was incorporated in 1906, but the community has since become an incorporated community. Shipment of coal from the Stuart mine began during the year ending June 30, 1905. The Stuart mine was a shaft mine working the Sewell seam of 4' 4" thickness. The population of Stuart in 1910 was 697.

Stuart Mine Explosion

On January 29, 1907 an explosion at the Stuart mine caused by gas and dust took the lives of 85 workers. Details of the explosion can be found in the article about the Stuart Mine Explosion. Shortly after the incident the mining company changed the name of the mine to Lochgell in an effort to distance the mine from the tragedy.


lochgelly1_500.thumb.jpg Tipple and power house at Lochgelly, ca. 1950s

stuart1_500.thumb.jpg Tipple of White Oak Fuel Co. at Stuart, ca. 1906

white_oak_123.thumb.jpg Passenger train of the White Oak Railway at Lochgelly, ca. 1906


Map of Lochgelly and Vicinity

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