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Sun, West Virginia

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Sun Colliery, Sun Coal & Coke Co.
Beehive coke ovens of Sun No. 2 mine
Sun No. 1 mine, ca. 1912

Sun was developed as a company owned mining town in the late-1800s by the Sun Coal & Coke Company, a company incorporated on Aug. 20, 1896 by James Laing of Prince WV; John Laing and J.M. Laing of Red Ash WV; and Richard Jasper and W. N. Jasper of Red Star, WV. The Sun mine began shipping coal during the year ending June 30, 1899. The Sun mining operation soon became one of the largest producers in the Dunloup Creek coal field. By 1901, 125 coke ovens were in use at the Sun coal plant. An electric larry car was used to charge the ovens.

The New River Smokless Company operated the Sun mining operation during 1904-1909. During 1909-1923, the New River Collieries Company operated the Sun mines. The Stonega Coal & Coke Company operated the Sun mines during 1924-1931.

Map of Sun and Vicinity

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