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County seat of Brooke County. Wellsburg, WV, was originally chartered as Charlestown in 1791, but the town's name was changed to Wellsburg in 1816, being named for Alexander Wells, son-in-law of Charles Prather, builder of the first large flour warehouse, in the east. Wellburg is the home of Patrick Gass, member of the Lewis and Clark expedition, and author of its "Journal." Also the home of Dr. Joseph Doddridge, author of "Frontier Notes."

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Wellsburg, WV

Wellsburg is located about 14 miles south of Weirton, WV, and about 20 miles north of Wheeling, WV.


Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge


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Map of Wellsburg, WV showing streets and highways, and nearby airports, parks, hospitals, buildings, churches, cemeteries, trails and other points of interest; with link to driving directions.

Topo map of Wellsburg, WV and vicinty

Census Data

Population: 2,891 (2000 Census)


Elevation: 667 feet
Longitude: -80.6097
Latitude: 40.2719

Development of Wellsburg

The town of Wellsburg was laid out by Charles Prather, from whom it received the name of Charlestown. It was established by legislative enactment, December 7th, 1791. By an act of the General Assembly passed December 27th, 1816, the name was changed from Charlestown to Wellsburg, in honor of Alexander Wells, who married the only daughter of Charles Prather. Brooke Academy at Wellsburg was incorporated by act of the Assembly passed January 10th, 1799. In 1852, it was by legislative enactment authorized to transfer its property to the Mead Colliage Institute.

Variant Name(s) for Wellsburg, WV

Buffaloe Town, Charles Town, Charlestown, Wellsburgh