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Consumers, beware! Many tree trimmers and tree-trimming companies in West Virginia practice tree topping and other tree-trimming methods that result in the death of trees. Cities as far ranged as Beckley and Berkeley Springs, Oak Hill and Oak Ridge, Charleston and Charles Town have been affected, though the problem is nationwide.

Improper tree trimming is an important issue in West Virginia because of its deliterious effect on property value and business viability, particularly with regard tourism, retirement, and real estate.

Beware of trimmers that advertise topping!

Many tree experts warn consumers that tree-trimmers who advertise "tree topping" are likely fraudulent or at least ignorant of the profession.

"Buyers should beware of these people," according to Kathy Sevebeck, executive director of Trees Virginia. "...check established firms to see if they advertise they top trees. Topping is a quick way to make a buck."

Because no state laws exist to require tree trimmers to adhere to such standards of quality, consumers should contact an agency such as the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) to find a list a qualified tree trimmers who are certified arborists.

Recommended Tree Trimmers in West Virginia

The ISA in June 2007 listed members located in Beckley, Bradley, Charleston, Thornton, Romney, Moorefield, Berkeley Springs, Charles Town, Shepherdstown, Morgantown, Gassaway, Wellsburg, Winfield, Clarksburg, Elkins, White Sulphur Springs, Huntington, Martinsburg, Vienna, Bridgeport, Whitmer, Parkersburg, Williamson, Augusta, and Saint George.

More Information About Proper Tree Trimming

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