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Winfield, West Virginia

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The county seat of Putnam County, Winfield, WV, was laid out in about 1846-1848 but was not incorporated until 1868. Winfield was named in honor of General Winfield Scott, of Mexican War fame. Winfield is situated in the Kanawha Valley on the Kanawha River, about 25 miles northwest of Charleston. By the late-1920s, Winfield had one bank, two weekly newspapers, a courthouse, four churches, a high school, and a elementary school, with electric power furnish by the Appalachian Electric Power Company.

Winfield, WV
Winfield, WV Hotels

Elevation: 590 feet
Population: 1,858 (2000 Census)
Longitude: -81.8936
Latitude: 38.5331

Schools: Putnam County Schools

Libraries: Putnam County Libraries


180px-Winfield-WV-Map.gif Map of Winfield, WV showing streets and highways, and nearby airports, parks, hospitals, buildings, churches, cemeteries, trails and more; with link to driving directions.

Topo map of Winfield, WV and vicinity