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Wingrove, West Virginia

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1911 map showing Scarbro, Wingrove, Glen Jean, Redstar, Hilltop, Harvey, and Prudence
Wingrove mining operation, ca 1906

Located along White Oak Creek in Fayette County, the community of WIngrove was settled prior to the coal boom of the late-1800s. John Wingrove was the pioneer settler in the area and several other families had established homesteads in the area following the Civil War. In about 1892, the settlers on "Bragg Hill" sold the mineral rights to their properties to a coal interests that intended to develop the coal lands along White Oak Creek. However, development of the mines was delayed by several years due to a legal dispute over right-of-way between two railroads. Lacking a way to ship its product, it was not until the early 1900s that the Wingrove mining operation could be fully developed and opened. Another setback for the mining operation took place on Nov. 15, 1900, when a fire broke out that destroyed the dry house, engine house, boiler house, and head house. The first shipment of coal from the White Oak Fuel Company's Wingrove mining operation took place until during the year ending June 30, 1905.

Map of Wingrove and Vicinity

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