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Woodpeck, West Virginia

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1929 map of Woodpeck and vicinity

Woodpeck was a company owned mining town near Sullivan, on Piney Creek, in Raleigh County. The post office and express office of the company was Sullivan.

The Wood Peck Coal Company became shipping coal from its Woodpeck mine in 1910. The mine worked the Beckley seam, of 4 1/2 thickness, on leased land covering 100 acres. The company was served by both The Virginian Railway (VGN) and the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway (C&O). Circa 1917, the Wood Peck operation was mining about 150 tons of coal daily. The company had 26 company houses.

1914: Wood Peck Coal Company

Wood Peck mine: drift, Beckley seam, 4'3"; 30 workers, produced 150 ton daily, haulage by mail and tail rope and mules; on C&O Ry.


1925: Wood Peck C. Co - Wood Peck - 32,662

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