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Ancient Stone Fort - Big Beaver Creek

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"Antient" (sic) Fortification

The so-called "ancient fort" was located near Beckley, WV, in the present-day town of Blue Jay, along (Big) Beaver Creek, in Raleigh County, on a site very near or on the present-day site of the Blue Jay Methodist Church. See: 3D map showing the supposed location of the "fort."

The stone structure was reported torn down by the Blue Jay Lumber Company during the early-1900's and the stone from the "fort" was used in the foundation of an office building, still standing in Blue Jay.


From the book, Beckley USA (Vol. I), page 14, published 1955:

"... the ancient Stone Fort upon Big Beaver creek, about one mile from Clarkson Prince's residence. It is undoubtedly several centuries old. In 1836, when it was first surveyed and a drawing made by the writer (Alfred Beckley), its walls were pretty well preserved, showing the joints broken, and growing from the ramparts were large pine trees, some four feet in diameter. The drawings and measurements were published in N. B. Craig's "Olden Times," a magazine published about 1838-'40 in the city of Pittsburg, PA."

From the book Beckley USA (Vol. III), published 1968, page 744:

"...the spot is now believed to have been directly in front of the present Blue Jay store and post office..."