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A community in Fayette County, Ansted, WV, was incorporated in 1891 and named for David T. Ansted, a celebrated geologist of London, England, and former owner of the land which the town is located. Julia Neal Jackson, the Mother of Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson is buried in Ansted in Westlake Cemetery.

During Dunmore's War, Col. Andrew Lewis and his men moved through Ansted on Sept. 17, 1774, on their way to join the forces of Lord Dunmore, which resulted in the Battle of Point Pleasant.

Ansted is located on U.S. 60 (I-60) along the New River Gorge, three miles downstream of the New River Gorge National River. As a result, tourism is the town's most promising economic sector. Several museums and Hawks Nest State Park are located in and near Ansted.

Ansted, WV

Ansted is the home of Hawks Nest State Park, one of West Virginia's best known resort parks, which overlooks the northern portion of the New River Gorge National River.


Ansted, WV


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Ansted, WV


Map of Ansted, WV

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Topo map of Ansted, WV and vicinity

Census Data

Population: 1,576 (2000 Census)


Elevation: 1312 feet
Longitude: -81.0997
Latitude: 38.1361

Development of Ansted, WV

The first known manufacturing concern located in the area of present-day Ansted was a flint quarry, used by Native Americans.

Ansted, located two miles from the main line of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway (C&O), began its progressive history in 1873 with the organization of the Gauley-Kanawha Coal Company which acquired lands through the agency of Col. G. W. Imboden. A narrow-gauge railroad running from the C&O mainline at a point near Hawks Nest, to coal mines located in the plateau area of Ansted was completed soon afterwards. In 1889, the rail line was converted to standard gauge.

Variant Name(s) for Ansted, WV

New Haven, Woodville