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Arthurdale Historic District

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Among the highland farms of Preston County, the Arthurdale National Historic District preserves a farming community established under the guidance of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt in 1933. The first "New Deal Community" of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt presidency, its residents were relocated, primarily, from the impoverished coal-mining communities of Dent's Run, near Morgantown, about 25 miles to the northwest of Arthurdale. They were provided new homes

Several public buildings, quarried of local sandstone, and 165 homes were built in amid 1,200 acres of rolling farmland. Its residents were encouraged to farm, and many manufactured furniture, pewter, anealed copper, and woven goods. Its funiture factory produced four major lines and three minor lines of furniture.

Arthurdale has been much restored and visitors may take a driving or walking tour through the community, stopping at interpretive waysides along its streets and cartpaths. The forge and service station at the Arthurdale Community Center and the village museum and craft shop are open regularly.

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Map and topo Map showing Arthurdale Historic District