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Dowdy Falls

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Dowdy Falls is among the most spectacular falls in West Virginia, though also one of the least accessible. Near the mouth of Dowdy Creek on New River, the falls drop 50 feet over a first overhanging ledge, then divide in two and drop another 40 feet over a lower overhanging ledge. Access to the falls is safely limited to approaching the falls by kayak or whitewater raft from the mouth of Dowdy Creek on New River then following the stream through a railroad tunnel. Hikers may descend a steep unmarked trail along the side of the gorge from Thurmond-McKendree Road (CR-25) below Dowdy Bluff. Though within national parkland, the park service limits publicizing the falls because of the dangerous access. Visitors should use extreme caution and avoid private property, which includes the right-of-way of the (active) CSX rail line.

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