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Fire Creek (historical)

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USGS 1913 map showing Fire Creek
1901 C&O track diagram showing Fire Creek

The Fire Creek Coal & Coke Company was incorporated in 1877, being financed by the (Samuel) Coit interests. A post office and Presbyterian Church were opened at about the same time.

Sixty coke ovens were operating at Fire Creek in 1880, that number increasing to ninety-eight by 1892. In a 1906 C&O Railway publication the Fire Creek Coal & Coke Company is listed as operating one mine, a tipple, power plant, 96 coke ovens, a company store, and providing rental homes for miners.

The mining operation at Fire Creek was registered under the name New River Collieries Co. in about 1908-1910 and Penna & New River Coal & Coke in the 1920s. Its 1910 population of Fire Creek was an estimated 260 persons, according to the West Virginia Geological Survey.

Rafter's Reference: the ruins of the community of Fire Creek are located on river-right, around the mouth of Fire Creek. The ruins of the community of Red Ash are located on the opposite side of the river, just upstream of the broad river-left bottom.