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Fire Creek (historical)

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USGS 1913 map showing Fire Creek
1901 C&O track diagram showing Fire Creek

The Fire Creek Coal & Coke Company was incorporated in 1877, being largely financed by the (Samuel) Coit interests of Hartford, CT. The incorporators were John Freeman, Thomas Davis, Jenkins Jones of Fire Creek, Fayette County; Joseph S. G. Coit and Samuel Coit of Hartford, CT A post office and Presbyterian Church were established at Fire Creek soon after the mines were opened.

Sixty coke ovens were operating at Fire Creek in 1880, the number of ovens increasing to ninety-eight by 1892. In a 1906 C&O Railway publication the Fire Creek Coal & Coke Company is listed as operating one mine, a tipple, power plant, 96 coke ovens, a company store, and providing rental homes for miners.

The mining operation at Fire Creek was registered under the name New River Collieries Co. in about 1908-1910 and Penna & New River Coal & Coke in the 1920s. Its 1910 population of Fire Creek was an estimated 260 persons, according to the West Virginia Geological Survey.

In 1923, the Fire Creek Coal & Coke Company was operating the Fire Creek mine, a drift opening in the Fire Creek coal be with thickness of 3 ft. 4 inches. The company employed 62 workers, and had 70 coke ovens, 64 of which were in operation. Only pick mining was done, with one locomotive and four mules used to move the coal.

Rafter's Reference: the ruins of the community of Fire Creek are located on river-right, around the mouth of Fire Creek. The ruins of the community of Red Ash are located on the opposite side of the river, just upstream of the broad river-left bottom.