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Interstate 77 (I-77) runs north-south across West Virginia.
Interstate 77 (I-77) runs north-south across West Virginia.
'''Exit 185: Williamstown'''<br/>
'''Exit 185 -- [[Williamstown, West Virginia|Williamstown]]'''<br/>
[[Williamstown, West Virginia|Williamstown]] - [[Boaz, West Virginia|Boaz]] WV-31 <br/>
Also: [[Boaz, West Virginia|Boaz]] WV-31 <br/>
'''Exit 179: Parkersburg'''<br/>
'''Exit 179: [[Parkersburg, West Virginia|North Parkersburg]] - [[Vienna, West Virginia|Vienna]]'''<br/>
[[Vienna, West Virginia|Vienna]] - [[Parkersburg, West Virginia|North Parkersburg]] - [[Ohio Valley University]] WV-2, WV-68 <br/>
Also: [[Ohio Valley University]] WV-2, WV-68 <br/>

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Location: Wood County, Jackson County, Kanawha County, Fayette County, Raleigh County, Mercer County

Interstate 77 (I-77) runs north-south across West Virginia.

Exit 185 -- Williamstown
Also: Boaz WV-31

Exit 179: North Parkersburg - Vienna
Also: Ohio Valley University WV-2, WV-68

Exit 176:Parkersburg
Parkersburg - North Bend State Park - Blennerhassett Island Historical State Park US-50, 7th Street,

Exit 174: WV-47, Staunton Avenue, Parkersburg
Parkersburg West Virginia University at Parkersburg

Exit 173: WV-95 Parkersburg

Exit 173: WV-14 Parkersburg
Mineral Wells

Ravenswood, WV





Princeton Bluefield