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Logan Coal Field

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The Logan Coal Field is the name used to describe a coal producing section of West Virginia that includes the following counties, in whole or it part: Logan and Wyoming counties.

Geologically, the coals of the Logan Coal Field are situated in the lower division of the Kanawha group of the Pottsville series. The topmost seam mined is the Winfrede and the bottom is the Eagle. Of twenty-one seams in the interval between the Winifrede and the Eagle, six are minable. These seams are the Winifrede (Dorothy), Chilton, Cedar Grove (Island Creek), Alma (Peerless), No. 2 Gas, and Eagle seams.

The first shipment of coal from Logan County via a rail line was made from mines opened in 1903 by the Gay Coal and Coke Company, the coal being hauled by wagon over a distance of about two miles to a point on the Guyandot Valley Railroad Company.