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'''Weather: '''[http://www.wvwebsites.com/cgi-bin/weather/hamweather.cgi?user=default&theme=default&forecast=zandh&state=wv&place=Montrose Montrose, WV]
'''Weather: '''[http://www.wvwebsites.com/cgi-bin/weather2/hw3.cgi?user=default&theme=default&forecast=zandh&state=wv&place=Montrose Montrose, WV]
'''Lodging: '''[http://www.wvwebsites.com/hotels/Montrose_WV_Hotels.html Montrose, WV hotels]
'''Schools: '''[http://www.wvschools.com/randolph/ Randolph County Schools]
'''Schools: '''[http://www.wvschools.com/randolph/ Randolph County Schools]

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A community in Randolph County, Montrose, WV was incorporated in 1895. So named because of the profusion of wild roses found growing in that section when the West Virginia Central Railroad, later known as the Western Maryland, was under construction.

Population: 156

Elevation: 2000 feet

Weather: Montrose, WV

Lodging: Montrose, WV hotels

Schools: Randolph County Schools