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Oswald was developed as a company owned mining town in the early 1900s by the McKell Coal & Coke Company. The mining operation was opened in 1902. Coal was shipped via the Kanawha, Glen Jean & Eastern Railway (KGJ&E), a short-line railroad owned by the mining company. The Oswald coal camp was located along Dunloup Creek in northern Raleigh County.

Map of Oswald and Vicinity

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1911 map showing the towns of Price Hill, Oswald, and Tamroy
Tipple of the Oswald mines, ca. 1919
New tipple that replaced two older tipples used by the Oswald and Sidney mines, McKell Coal & Coke Co.
Drawing of the old and new works at the Sidney and Oswald mines
Map showing location of central power station, fans, and sub-stations