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  • ...he Kanawha River, opposite part of the City of [[Charleston, West Virginia|Charleston, WV]]. The town site was platted by M. W. Venable and his son for the Kanaw ==<h2>South Charleston, WV</h2>==
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  • [[Charleston, West Virginia|Charleston, WV]]<br/> [[South Charleston, West Virginia|South Charleston, WV]]<br/>
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  • '''County Seat''': [[Charleston, West Virginia|Charleston, WV]]<br/> [[Charleston, West Virginia|Charleston, WV]]<br/>
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  • ...ltural markets. Its economy is tied to that of [[Charleston, West Virginia|Charleston]], to the southeast, and [[Huntington, West Virginia|Huntington]], to the s ...outh, is located along the I-64 corridor between the metropolitan areas of Charleston and Huntington, WV. The county is otherwise almost entirely rural.
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  • [[Image:South-charleston-mound-1920s.jpg|thumb|Circa 1920s photo of the South Charleston Mound]][[Image:Criel_Mound_2011.JPG|thumb|Mound photographed in 2011]] ...Virginia|South Charleston, WV]], the Criel Mound, also known as the South Charleston Mound, is the second largest Adena mound in West Virginia. It is believed t
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  • ...southeast of Ashland, KY; and 50 miles west of [[Charleston, West Virginia|Charleston, WV]]. The C&O line connecting Huntington to [[Charleston, West Virginia |Charleston]] was opened in 1871, and by 1872 the line was completed as far as Kanawha
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  • ...nia|Bluefield, WV]], and 55 miles southeast of [[Charleston, West Virginia|Charleston, WV]]. ...eckley,-WV Wildwood Cemetery], where Beckley was buried, is located across South Kanawha Street (originally the first route through the area), but the histo
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  • New River is formed by the union of its north and south forks in Watauga County, North Carolina (NC). From this junction, the New f ...fty conical mounds]] along the New-Kanawha River, in the area just west of Charleston, WV. Obviously, the native inhabitants had been aware of the existence of N
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  • ....google.com/books?id=ijMJVb9uNVgC&pg=PA97 Slavery in the American Mountain South]'', the Giles, Fayette and Kanawha Turnpike used slaves for road constructi ...orth at [[Kanawha Falls]], and the Wilderness Road, which it joined in the south at Giles Courthouse (present-day Pearisburg). Its route was planned by reno
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  • ...town was officially changed to Charleston in 1818. See: [[The Founding of Charleston]] ...nel Andrew Lewis and his company of troops reached the site of present-day Charleston on Sept. 21, 1774, in route to the [[Battle of Point Pleasant]].
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  • ...up of Charleston in 1912. Dunbar was named for Dunbar Baines, a prominent Charleston banker and lawyer. The town is located on the north side of the [[Kanawha R ...rginia|South Charleston, WV]]; 7 miles west of [[Charleston, West Virginia|Charleston, WV]]; 8 miles east of [[St. Albans, West Virginia|St. Albans, WV]] ; 10 mi
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  • ...cape. West Virginia's largest lake, [[Summersville Lake]], is located just south of the town. ...t Virginia|Beckley, WV]]; and 72 miles east of [[Charleston, West Virginia|Charleston, WV]].
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  • ...ttle Kanawha River]], [[Tygart River]], and Cheat River basins, and on the south and west by the [[Gauley River|Gauley]] and [[Greenbrier River|Greenbrier]] ...a]] counties, joining the [[Kanawha River]] at [[Charleston, West Virginia|Charleston, WV]]. Its drainage area is about 1,550 square miles.
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  • ...miles north of [[Charleston, West Virginia|Charleston, WV]]; and 42 miles south of [[Parkersburg, West Virginia|Parkersburg, WV]]
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  • ...he Kanawha River, opposite part of the City of [[Charleston, West Virginia|Charleston, WV]]. The town site was platted by M. W. Venable and his son for the Kanaw ==<h2>South Charleston, WV</h2>==
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  • ...Charleston, WV]]; 10 miles west of [[South Charleston, West Virginia|South Charleston, WV]] ; and 40 miles east of [[Huntington, West Virginia|Huntington, WV]]. ...on of Yeager Airport : '''[http://www.wvamaps.com/airports/index.php?place=Charleston&state=WV&lon=-81.6328&lat=38.3497&pop=53421&county=Kanawha&elev=606 Map]'''
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  • ...Dunbar. The Dunbar Mound in Shawnee Park and the [[Criel Mound]] in South Charleston are all that remain today of these prehistoric works.
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  • ...d the original townsite. Kanawha County Route No. 21 (CR-21) runs north-to-south through the community. Positioned between exits I-77 114 and 116, Sissonvil
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  • ...Areas]][[Image:Amherst_Plymouth_Wildlife_Management_Area.JPG|thumb|Looking south across the Amherst/Plymouth WMA]] ...Virginia|Winfield, WV]], 16.57 air miles from [[Charleston, West Virginia|Charleston, WV]]
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  • ...e-Island.jpg|thumb|Looking up Kanawha River from Blaine Island to downtown Charleston, WV]] [[Charleston, West Virginia|Charleston]], and
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  • ...s directed motorists along secondary roads leading to Fayetteville, to the south side overlook, just upstream of [[Kaymoor, West Virginia|Kaymoor]]. ...access roads for trucks hauling materials were installed on the north and south approaches to the bridge site and plans were being made to begin erection o
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  • ...Spring Branch, seven miles east of present-day [[Charleston, West Virginia|Charleston, WV]], on the north side of the [[Kanawha River]]. ...pening, eighteen mining operations had opened along the C&O's rail line on south side of the [[New River|New]] and Kanawha rivers.
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  • ...is a community on the [[Coal River]] south of [[Charleston, West Virginia|Charleston, WV]], in southern West Virginia. The Peytona Cannel Coal Company, organize
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  • ...2005 and was also ranked fourth among public comprehensive colleges in the South. Average annual enrollment is in 2005 was 2,500. Students enrolled at Tech
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  • Interstate 77 (I-77) in West Virginia runs roughly north to south. Its northern third courses through the gentle, hilly farmland of the [[Ohi ...ley]], [[Princeton, West Virginia|Princeton]], [[Charleston, West Virginia|Charleston]], and [[Parkersburg, West Virginia|Parkersburg]]. Roadside fare can vary f
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  • ...ley, Huntington, Charleston, and [[South Charleston, West Virginia | South Charleston, WV]].</br>
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  • The town of Thayer likely takes its name from O. A. and W. T. Thayer of Charleston, WV, who, in association with Joseph L. Beury, created the Little Fire Cre ...except in the most inclement winter weather, though the route from Thayer south to Prince is often impassible without four-wheel drive vehicle.
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  • ...dary roads leading to [[Fayetteville, West Virginia|Fayetteville]], to the south side overlook, just downstream of the coal mining community of [[Kaymoor, W ...se II of the park expansion would include development of facilities on the south side of the New River Gorge, near [[Fayetteville, West Virginia|Fayettevill
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  • ...en [[Beckley, West Virginia|Beckley, WV]], and [[Charleston, West Virginia|Charleston, WV]]. I-64 also passes through or near the following communities along its [[South Charleston, West Virginia|South Charleston, WV]];
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  • ...et area. The [[Amherst/Plymouth Wildlife Management Area]] is located just south of Confidence.
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  • ...ce extended as far east as [[Thurmond, West Virginia|Thurmond]] and as far south as [[MacDonald, West Virginia|Macdonald]]. ...ginia|Beckley, WV]]; and 52 miles southeast of [[Charleston, West Virginia|Charleston, WV]]
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  • ...ned seven ton monitors, manufactured by the South Side Foundry Company of Charleston, are utilized for lowering the coal to the tipple via the incline. A supply
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  • ...luefield, WV]], to the state's capital city at [[Charleston, West Virginia|Charleston, WV]]. ...tly decreased drive time between three of its largest cities -- Bluefield, Charleston, and [[Beckley, West Virginia|Beckley, WV]]. Today both [[Interstate 77 (I-
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  • ...d located along the [[Kanawha River]] south of [[Charleston, West Virginia|Charleston, WV]], in [[Kanawha County]]. The [[West Virginia Turnpike]] flanks the sou
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  • ...[[Kanawha County]], about seven miles south of [[Charleston, West Virginia|Charleston, WV]]. The forest is managed by the West Virginia Division of Natural Resou
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  • ...that survive in the [[Kanawha Valley]] west of [[Charleston, West Virginia|Charleston, WV]]. The mound is apparently one of [http://cwva.org/area_prehistories/gr
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