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Turkey Spur Rock

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Turkey Spur Rock caps a wooded knob along the rim of the New River Gorge at Grandview State Park. From observation decks upon its summit, visitors are provided a spectacular 360 degree view of the gorge and surrounding highlands. The rock rises 110 feet above the wooded slopes of Turkey Spur, a narrow ridge that crests more than 1,000 feet above the New River. The formation is an outlier of the bed of the Raleigh Sandstone, which outcrops elsewhere at the park's main and north overlooks and may be more closely explored along its Tunnel and Castle Rock trails. Turkey Spur was first named by hunters who found it a favorite roost for turkeys.

The panorama from atop the rock was virtually inaccessible until the park at Grandview was established in the 1930s, at which time the Civilian Conservation Corps built a complex system of stone steps and wooden stairs to the top. The steps and stairs and boardwalk systems atop the rock have recently been improved by the National Park Service and are prime examples of low-impact walkways among delicate environments. More than 150 steps rise among the staircases to from base to the overlooks.

Parking lot at base of rock; trailhead at right
Boardwalks weave between boulders atop Turkey Spur
River from Canyon Rim Trail
Grandview's Cliffside Amphitheatre
Horseshoe bend in New River from North Overlook
North overlook on Turkey Spur Rock